This precious boy I do spazz...

a quick review- i think kyungsoo’s acting was decent. not fantastic, but good enough so he doesn’t stick out like the newbie he is. 

i’ve always thought that kyungsoo has an expressive face, and it really helps in his debut acting ‘cos he’s not that stiff. be it body language or voice expression. i think that’s part of what made his acting natural- he emotes sufficiently- the crying part and also his interaction with jo insung- WHICH WAS TOTALLY CUTE BY THE WAYYYY~~ 

what i thought lacking, was the grasp on the character itself. i’m seeing more of kyungsoo than kangwoo~ like he’s supposed to be this ardent fan who’s hanging ard his idol, but i don’t really get whether he’s the crazed type, or dark type, like he’s yet to meld with the character. 

but anywayzzz~~ congrats on your debut baby!!! ur appearance really lights up the screen!