This precious boy I do spazz...

He’s really pretty sassy?

I mean when a noona fan challenged him to a cooking contest he said

"Come on, I’ll win."

That is just so freaking nskdlalksdadksadsajksa i can’t~~ If a guy replies me that way irl I’d think he’s a rather self-assured and humorous guy that I’d DEFINITELY give a chance to? Hurrr~~~

And when a fan said he knows that his charm is being tiny right? He said “No.” LOL~

He sounds like such a warm and polite boy, someone who can get cheeky once he’s comfortable with the atmosphere and with you.

I’m also pretty sure Kyungie is rather familiar with his OTP cos Jongin and his “Inception” hurrrrrr~~ U WATCHED IT THREE TIMES ALREADY N U STILL WATCHED IT ANOTHER TIME WITH JONGINNNN??? What is love~

And what is it with you not admitting you are CUTE?






u are the EPITOME of CUTE

And I can’t with him wearing plaid underneath his sweater n hur~ not looking at the camera (u r an idol wth, aren’t u supposed to be a cam-whore)

Plus lo and behold, he actually answered 68 messages in an hour~ a GREAT IMPROVEMT from his slow coach replies the last time~